Sunday, February 28, 2010


i love bicycle blogs. this is my favorite one.

here are some pictures of denver bicycles:

these are mostly my friends' bikes. i'm going to do my best to improve my bicycle-photographing skills and then make a bicycle blog. i want to show more of denver in the pictures. and maybe show some beautiful things. remember that line from paige ackerson-kiely that says, "i locked up all of the beautiful things that might move me"--

i think i might try this.

here is something that isn't a bicycle:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

hotel splendid

"adel called me ada. and then she died. my sisters died of the same illness. i prepared adel's body. i also covered her face with a lace veil that belonged to grandmother. i laid ada next to adel. i no longer have any sisters. i only have the splendid."

it has been snowing. a lot of snow has come. i think i must love, more than anyone else (except beckett), marie redonnet. i just finished hotel splendid, the first of the trilogy. it's about the hotel splendid. and about the swamp. i love unmysterious syntax.

i'm also reading a book that says this:

"what we see and hear, or what we feel and smell and taste, is only a small fraction of what actually exists out there. our conscious model of reality is a low-dimensional projection of the inconceivably richer physical reality surrounding and sustaining us. our sensory organs are limited: they evolved for reasons of survival, not for depicting the enormous wealth and richness of reality in all its unfathomable depth. therefore, the ongoing process of conscious experience is not so much an image of reality as a tunnel through reality."

--the ego tunnel, thomas metzinger

the first chapter is called, the appearance of a world, which feels like my life. i like to think so much about the world showing up as the world. and what that means. i like most to think about approximation. and how everything, at its best, is only ever this.

the only other things i've been doing are carrying around a paper crane and listening to iris dement.

Friday, February 12, 2010

marcia nardi

just finished ryan murphey's the redcoats:

Silts in, storms back. shy volts
of the lily-eyed.
Every word has been for you
a beacon
lights beyond the breakwater.
A sun has built its nest in the boughs.
Their bleached calligraphy--

You are near me.

Hornets, black sails, the flight of cranes.
I can't sleep.
Like a tongue in its bell,
every "you" is faithful
to someone,
though you alone will know it.
As water too (or how it went)
overflows its element.

it's so great you should order it this very minute. you can even give it away as a sunday gift.

now i'm off to the library to get marcia nardi's poems.

i need a camera.

a point and shoot.

do you know any? i had a canon power shot sd 1100, but it broke. and then i bought another one from ebay and when i got it it was broken, so i returned it for a different one and when i got that one it was broken too.

pontiac has a polaroid that i like.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bye, bye, pont. bye, bye, happiness.

this is from the summer.

i can't stop listening to this song

it's pont's last night here. i am very torn up because of it. we had sad hour at vine street. 

i had to write up a summary for laird about brian evenson (i hope everyone is reading fugue state)'s visit. it went like so:

The workshop Friday started with making a character sketch. We were then asked to translate the character to one sentence and talk about what we're looking for in a character and why. Brian then passed out a collection of quotes that discussed how some writers/theorists have thought about character. We talked more about character: What things can you get rid of? Is there anything essential for a character's existence? We also listed our favorite characters and discussed them.

my fav. quote from the day: "when you ask a waiter how he's doing, the last thing you want to know is how he's doing."


We talked about narrative: What do you need in order to have a story (The Dinosaur: When he awoke it was still there. --is this a story?). Brian handed out some things from the Far Side, and we discussed in detail what was happening in each narrative. We also presented our first sentences and discussed the possibilities of where the sentences could go, and our expectations of where they were going.

fav. quote (or quote-type phrase): Fiction is not something that exists outside of life--it can change us, have an impact on us.

they were great workshops.

here is a diagram of a back device (i wish i knew who made it): 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

some things from today

an interview with rb's first wife.

"suddenly everything belongs in california," (the california poem)

"what more, to carry the thing through?" (wcw, bookI, paterson)

my life
  by water

   first frog
      or board

out on the cold


to wild green
   arts and letters

   my lettuce
       one boat

   pointed toward
      my shore

thru birdstart

of the soft
   and serious--

(lorine niedecker)