Monday, June 21, 2010


i just now this very minute finished rb's last book--the last published book, an unfortunate woman:

that's how it ends, basically with "but i did try."

it's time to move on to the other things now. i don't want to. i already miss the daylights out of him.

over the weekend, there was a poetry reading here and i got to read poems with one of my favorite poets, zs

on saturday i got to hear all of the beautiful icelandic tales by these most incredible storytellers, frank and jess. i wish i could have recorded them for you.

yesterday i went on this bike ride
  most of the people who ride in colorado wear these kinds of outfits
and then guess who came over!
yes! shena made radishes with butter and salt. it was so delicious.
ts and i spent some time making this magic tree and then we went dancing with dani on the roof of this building
when we got back the tree looked like so

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i miss the ocean so much today

Friday, June 18, 2010

sea pie

one of my favorite things that rb says is:

"everything is here except that which is missing."

yesterday i went on a boring bike ride and my seat fell all the way down so i had to come back home and fix it.
here is the long trail (on the way to the cherry creek reservoir)
here is this.

at night, i went to andrea's and we made dioramas and drank fresh mint drinks
did you know of something called sea pie?

that's a magnifying glass that we used to look at all of our things. and at each other.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


i have to turn out the light and stop reading because i'm confusing this moth and it's throwing itself repeatedly against my window and could expire.

but look at what happened when i wanted to find out why:

what does that first one even mean?

here is why does:

why does a:
i like number two. and finally,
here is the answer

my whole life

"we were walking in a capsule between amnesias"

greg keeler has this great website where you can read letters and quotes.

Friday, June 11, 2010


"they came to a crashing halt like blue airplanes."
these are the shadows i have now
i guess they might come from this
here is a place to hang things
 and a garden
and more from rb:

"she stared up at me all the time, her eyes never leaving me as if i were an airfield."

"what i was doing was like an occupation for me. i was that involved in looking at the sky and eating the apple."

"california needs us, so it gathers us from other places."

"i went over to her house. she didn't have a door bell. that was a small victory. one must keep track of all the small victories. i do, anyway."

"then she carved her pumpkin while dinner was cooking beautifully away."

Thursday, June 10, 2010


i woke up today thinking about the women in rb's life. and of the beautiful girls on his covers. he loved women. or loved himself being in love with them. but he was bad at love.