Sunday, March 28, 2010


this is what it looked like from my bedroom window a few days ago
here is what it looks like today
it was a nice sunday. i went to two parks.

i'm reading some fairy tales for selah's fairy tale class and macbeth for a shakespeare seminar and helene cixous for a workshop. and the new octopus, with song reviews that make you go out of your head! oh, and seth landman's chapbook, the wild hawk the sea, which is incredible. here is a poem so you can feel how this is true:


there is nothing. there is your city.
right there, the streets out of sight.
call me a little, pausing funeral; hats off
to the feet set going, the chief element of landscape.
there is nothing. there is the roasted river
when i go, a hand on the universal shoulder
in the face of invisible surveillance, secret dogs,
unaccountable influences. there is nothing
in not ignoring it. what is good? my curiosity
sways on an island with sounds. things with seas.
quick and still with wild, inmost, endless,
grand disguises. i am here exactly on this
stage, and there is nothing looming
in the world like snow on the hill in the air.