Friday, April 3, 2009

this is the most important thing:

"The 'sky' of a world refers to the view of the heavens from its surface. This view varies from world to world for many reasons. The most important factor in the appearance of a world's sky is its atmosphere, or the lack thereof. Depending on the atmosphere's density and chemical composition, a world's sky may be any number of colors. Clouds may or may not be present and they may also be noticeably colored. Another factor is the astronomical objects that may appear in a world's sky, such as the Sun, stars, moons, planets, and rings."

bruce and franklin dinosaur roosevelt

the sky is so much more. now. last night i got so afraid to die. i told everyone i didn't know how. i remembered franz wright not knowing how. everyone else said they didn't know how.

something needs to be said about b&fdr. they came because bruce is snuffy's new girlfriend. william doesn't mind. too much. they are growing sesame flowers. here is what comes next:

these are our mustaches.