Monday, April 13, 2009

library books currently checked out:

Mind and religion : psychological and cognitive foundations of religiosity edited by Harvey Whiteh U186014278021 Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53 .M555 2005

Current studies on rituals : perspectives for the psychology of religion / Hans-G√ľnter Heimbrock & HU186007037820 Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53.C877 1990

The God gene : how faith is hardwired into our genes / Dean Hamer. 1 86007516052Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53 .H285 2004

Where God and science meet : how brain and evolutionary studies alter our understanding of religion U186015695250 Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53 .W511 2006 v.3

Magic and religion, their psychological nature, origin, and function. Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53.V4

The ritual process : structure and anti-structure / Victor Turner. U186003566102 DUE 04-16-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times GN473.T82 1977

Dramas, fields, and metaphors; symbolic action in human society / Victor Turner.
U186000220529 DUE 04-16-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times GN451.T87

The anthropology of performance / Victor Turner ; preface by Richard Schechner.
U186012128173 DUE 04-16-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times GN473 .T79 1986

Man in the landscape : a historic view of the esthetics of nature / Paul Shepard ; with a new foreword U186011846150 DUE 04-20-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 BH301.N3 S45 2002

Magic(al) realism / Maggie Ann Bowers. U186014057530 DUE 04-21-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 1 time NX456.5.M3 B68 2004

The spirit of carnival : magical realism and the grotesque / David K. Danow.
U186007310773 DUE 04-21-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 1 time PN3352.C37 D36 1995

The environmental imagination : Thoreau, nature writing, and the formation of American culture / Law U186007431511 DUE 04-29-09 PS3057.N3 B84 1995

The writings of John Muir.U186000627072 DUE 04-29-09 PS2447 .M5 1916 v.3

The Barnum Museum : stories / by Steven Millhauser.U186008246951 DUE 05-12-09 PS3563.I422 B37 1997

The colossal P.T. Barnum reader : nothing else like it in the universe / Phineas T. Barnum ; edited U186015231307 DUE 05-12-09 GV1811.B3 B37 2005

Living pictures, missing persons : mannequins, museums, and modernity / Mark B. Sandberg. U186011884996 DUE 05-12-09 GV1836 .S36 2003

Waxworks : a cultural obsession / Michelle E. Bloom. U186012587880 DUE 5-12-09 GV1836 .B56 2003

Nightwood. Introduction by T. S. Eliot. U186005190135 DUE 05-12-09 PS3503.A614 N53 1937

The life of Barnum, the world-renowned showman ... written by himself; to which is added The art of U186001019963 DUE 05-12-09 GV1811.B3 A25

The fabulous showman. U186003816418 DUE 05-12-09 GV1811.B3 W3 1959

The ontological turn: studies in the philosophy of Gustav Bergmann / M. S. Gram, E. D. Klemke. U186014544040 DUE 06-09-09 B945.B474 G72

Saussure : signs, system, and arbitrariness / David Holdcroft. U186006445915 DUE 06-09-09 P85.S18 H6 1991

The Cambridge companion to Saussure / edited by Carol Sanders. U186014514029 DUE 06-09-09 P85.S18 C33 2004

Logic and reality. U186014544155 DUE 06-09-09 B945.B473 L6

Meaning and existence. U186003937028 DUE 06-09-09 B824.6.B398 c.2

Las Meninas : a fantasia in two parts / Antonio Buero-Vallejo ; translated by Marion Peter Holt.

how to draw a female body

this is a shortened version of the wikiHow entry:

draw a head, a neck, and shoulders. draw the torso. draw the hips. draw the thighs. draw the lower legs. draw the feet. draw the upper and lower arms. draw the hands as mittens. draw the fingers. draw some curves. carefully erase the hip and torso lines. erase the lines on the head and make the limbs thinner. erase any remaining guidelines.