Friday, February 12, 2010

marcia nardi

just finished ryan murphey's the redcoats:

Silts in, storms back. shy volts
of the lily-eyed.
Every word has been for you
a beacon
lights beyond the breakwater.
A sun has built its nest in the boughs.
Their bleached calligraphy--

You are near me.

Hornets, black sails, the flight of cranes.
I can't sleep.
Like a tongue in its bell,
every "you" is faithful
to someone,
though you alone will know it.
As water too (or how it went)
overflows its element.

it's so great you should order it this very minute. you can even give it away as a sunday gift.

now i'm off to the library to get marcia nardi's poems.

i need a camera.

a point and shoot.

do you know any? i had a canon power shot sd 1100, but it broke. and then i bought another one from ebay and when i got it it was broken, so i returned it for a different one and when i got that one it was broken too.

pontiac has a polaroid that i like.