Tuesday, March 24, 2009

maggie, this is my blog now.

i had forgotten all about this.

i guess i made it so i could talk about northern exposure.

instead of talking about northern exposure, i will talk about the sky.

i like it and want it to be real, and sometimes this is how i feel:

Maybe I can wait. Maybe there’s a world, and I can wait for it. I think there’s possibility. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. If we can tell, how do we tell if we can tell? I can look at things and see them. I can know about them, or at least I think I can know about them. I can know about things the way I know about the sky. Someone looked up and I believed them. I guess there’s a sky. There’s a woman and she sees it and she says, that’s the sky. So it must be. I think it all must be sky. I used to take photographs of the sky. I used to take them at 8:05. I was trying so hard to understand what it was. I put all of my pictures together and made it into a slideshow. I watched it every day. I watched it and thought about what it meant that I watched it. I didn’t feel pain. I just looked at the pictures and reminded myself about what the sky was. I would add a picture and watch the new show about the sky, and I told my mind, that’s the sky. That’s it. It has to be.