Friday, February 25, 2011

i have been in georgia all these times. and guess what can happen to a person in georgia. she may, be she inclined to love, become a wife. it turns out i am very inclined to love. as is c. so we did it. it was a very happy day. here is what we look like now.

do you have sommer browning's either way i'm celebrating?:

the opposite of love

someone is wrong. light travels slow.
the sun's already dead

for all we know. in fargo, north dakota,
my sister and i think we'll die

on a tilt-a-whirl. the carnie won't
let us off. each time we scream past him

he just grins.

sometimes, it's the world that's inadequate.

i'm worried about how many more times i'll tell the story
about peeing in a cop car before someone loves me.

this book is radical. and it has comics. sommer is a comedic genius. you should buy it now. one of the comics is even about an olive and a finger.

also, do you have joanna ruocco's the mothering coven?:

mr. henderson can't make a lettuce heart now. it's far too daunting. he leaves mrs. borage to her compost heaps and goes inside his drafty colonial. he makes tomato soup on the utility stove. he drinks tomato soup, alone in the dark, big house. his eyes hold no expression. they are big and blank like the eyes of the blue-black herring, like the eyes of abraham lincoln, like the holes in a glass flute, shattering.

joanna likes grapes. sometimes we eat them together. she is one of my favorite writers. we like to write about goats at times. i really think you should have this book.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i fell asleep at awp. on a couch in a long hallway where no one was. i started dreaming about these voices. as i came to, i realized the voices were from two people sitting across from me doing an interview. they were beautiful voices so i pretended to sleep and kept listening. guess who it was. eileen myles. i could have listened to her talk for a whole day. here is what she was talking about.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the two books i got at awp that i want you to have and love as well are:

brian foley's the constitution, out from horse less:

i remain unconvinced

these woods
are reversible

as a need is
no real evidence
of absence

and kevin prufer's in a beautiful country, out from four way:

these days, the faucets won't stop dripping,
and i stand in the kitchen dreaming of nurses

who roam the white halls like quiet animals--
and you, in your bed, unable to call them.

another thing is available that you might want to have:

 you can order it here.

one other thing:

will you be in amherst on sunday? i will be. do you want to come? at 4pm.

amherst's jones library and jubilat:  readings will take place in the trustees room at the jones library, 43 amity street in amherst, and will be followed by a q & a session with the guest poets, during which visitors can meet the poets. all readings are free and open to the public.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

the other things that are beautiful

we lived in this fancy hotel room where robes hang on silk hangers.
our socks lived together, too. they became very close with one another.
bf sat behind this wine glass.
a stood near this wall.
as did jt and i.
s was there!

and ts!

and b!
and the sky. and so many other things.

something beautiful happened

charlie and i finally met. i hate that he has to live in this glass box.