Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the two books i got at awp that i want you to have and love as well are:

brian foley's the constitution, out from horse less:

i remain unconvinced

these woods
are reversible

as a need is
no real evidence
of absence

and kevin prufer's in a beautiful country, out from four way:

these days, the faucets won't stop dripping,
and i stand in the kitchen dreaming of nurses

who roam the white halls like quiet animals--
and you, in your bed, unable to call them.

another thing is available that you might want to have:

 you can order it here.

one other thing:

will you be in amherst on sunday? i will be. do you want to come? at 4pm.

amherst's jones library and jubilat:  readings will take place in the trustees room at the jones library, 43 amity street in amherst, and will be followed by a q & a session with the guest poets, during which visitors can meet the poets. all readings are free and open to the public.

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