Thursday, April 15, 2010

a tinfoil tale

i have to tell you this story.

there's this restaurant called vine street and i love to go there. i always get the same thing (a tempeh reuben) and i never finish it. occasionally i remember to bring a container to bring it home in but sometimes i forget.

one time, they asked if they could box it for me, which they always try to do and makes me feel uncomfortable, and i said okay. they said we're trying to conserve boxes, do you want it wrapped in tinfoil and i said yes. so they did. and it was just wrapped like a sandwich would be wrapped, like a present. before we left, i changed it to look like a swan.

the next time they asked to wrap my sandwich they brought it back to me as a swan!

i was thinking, wow! i taught them about tinfoil swans. so i told m, and he was like, yeah, right. but it was true.

so, the next time i go there, they bring me a swan but i didn't feel like carrying it from the bottom, so i make it into a purse by attaching the swan's head to the swan's tail. and i carried it out of the restaurant like this.

guess what happened today! (oh, there were intermittent times that involved no swans and no purses)

the waitress brings me the sandwich and says, here you go, a clutch for you. and it's a tinfoil purse! i couldn't believe it. i say to m, can you believe it! and he says, no, you're crazy. and i said, no, i'm not, i made this happen. this is my business model. i'm a tinfoil trendsetter. and none of these people know. he said, no you're not. but i am. and i said yes, i am. i need this. just say i'm the guy that started all of this. and he disagreed. but i was sitting on the outside of the booth and so i made him tell me it was true before we could go home. so he said i am, but i know he thinks i'm not. but it's true, right? i think it has to be.

here are what the purse and swan look like (the swan looks kinda jacked up because it was a purse before it was a swan and it's best to have it just as a swan.)