Saturday, October 10, 2009

"it beats me how you mortals can think something is."

i have now put the inexperience of dying into greeting cards and at  houses. when the snow goes away, i'm going to plant it near a tree that still has most of its leaves. it's very cold today. i'm having a problem with the sweedish styles gingersnaps. i just keep eating and eating them. and i keep eating the mango. i'm beginning to feel like the inexperience of dying is just like troutfishing in america. it's losing all of the possibility of being a sentence.

reading: ed dorn's gunslinger:

what does the foregoing mean?
i asked. mean?
my gunslinger laughed
questioner, you got some strange
obsessions, you want to know
what something means afetr you've
seen it, after you've been there
or were you out during
that time? no.