Friday, December 4, 2009

green mountain falls

we helped rob move his things into a mountain apartment. it was so cold my digits began to hurt whenever i was outside. this is where he is living.

a little place called green mountain falls, 10 miles or so outside of colorado springs, population 773 in 2000.

above is the lake. it has a gazebo. you can ice skate here! and below is a tiny restaurant area.

this is the restaurant rob lives above.

it has a big fireplace. a woman said it was the second biggest in colorado . . .

it also has a bar that isn't in use and a lot of animals by the ceiling

i don't know what happened to its eye

here is one of rob's bicycles. and here is a picture of the stairs we had to climb to bring his things inside

here is a picture of when matthew went on the roof. it was snowing.

and then i started taking pictures of a broken television we found inside