Saturday, July 31, 2010


this seems important.

as does this.

Monday, July 26, 2010

and then

pont and i went through america a little.

i put pictures here.

i think i must have spent days alone. what i can remember is looking at the ocean, reading beckett and listening to smog.

and if i do not go there gladly, i go perhaps more gladly there than anywhere else, astonished and at peace, i nearly said as in a dream, but no, no. but it is not the kind of place where you go, but where you find yourself, sometimes, not knowing how, and which you cannot leave at will, and where you find yourself without any pleasure, but with more perhaps than in those places you can escape from, by making an effort, places full of mystery, full of the familiar mysteries i listen and the voice is of a world collapsing endlessly, a frozen world, under a faint untroubled sky, enough to see by, yes, and frozen too.

from molloy

Saturday, July 10, 2010

the unfortunates

i like the people in the background of this video

and here is the near end of the unfortunates (a very beautiful novel in pieces):

it was obvious to me that even if he was still there the following week, he would be less able to talk, at the rate he was deteriorating, disintegrating, so the last thing i said to him, all i had to give him, alone with him, with my coat on, about to go, the car waiting outside to run us to the station, staring down at him, facing those eyes, he staring back all the time now, it must have been a great effort for him, yes, and i said, it was all i had, what else could i do, i said, i'll get it all down, mate.                     it'll be very little, he said, after a while, slowly, still those eyes.                            that's all anyone has done, very little, i said.

Friday, July 2, 2010


"your wolf will have become another wolf, your sister a different sister . . ."

this is from invisible cities, which is a book by italo calvino that i'm madly in love with.

the other thing i'm in love with is this book by julia cohen and mathias svalina that can be ordered for only $6.5! it starts by saying:

i'm a bloody gretel & i rhyme with an apple.

we went to leadville one day.