Sunday, August 30, 2009

from the transformation

"but soon it was clear that she was simply gray now, just that, the way years ago we had to admit that she was simply a tree now, and no longer a girl. but a tree is one thing and a stone is another. there are limits to what you can accept, even of impossible things."

lydia davis

i've been thinking so much lately about being a tree. here is something i was thinking about it from a week ago:

i am only being a tree as an example.
when i become one, you'll know because
my speech will be in leaves and you won't
recognize me. you'll stand next to me calling my name
and looking out into the distance. it will be
so hard then. as a tree, i'll try my best at being
a person. i have a feeling it won't work.
nothing will work. i'll be sent to a tree farm
along with all of the other things that seem like me.