Friday, November 27, 2009

my week with d

i've been hanging out with d'count all week

in the whole universe of dogs, he is the best dog that ever existed. we visited with friends:

and had an america's next top model finale party:

his favorite girl is on the left. this is what he looks like at the party:

his is watching so intensely, but his favorite girl loses. he was totally devastated. and so was she.

and then we visited the dog park so he could be happy again.

we finished up the week by eating a big dinner with friends and at the end of the night, he joined the food finder's network:


here are the first notes i was making about his life when i thought he would have his own blog, but i guess he wasn't that into it:

here is some information about d'count's (aka count chocula) first day:

he woke up.

we played a game called mole getter blues. basically, i throw an animal (maybe a hedge hog, but i call it a mole) and he retrieves it. then he gets the mole getter blues.

he ate some.

he had some sex in him that needed to get out, so he tried having it with the air. but it didn't work. and then we went for a walk. and then he went to his house for some alone time.

In the middle of the night, while asleep, he fell off the bed and I woke up and helped him back up.

And the second day:

Today has been less adventurous. He got invited for a date to see wolf 3 at arda’s, but we were making chili and he said he would have to have this date on a different night.

He slept at his house for a while and I finished up with Nietzsche.

And then we walked and he smelled a lot of things.

Now he has been eating a long bone.

all in all it was the best week ever. d'count makes me so happy. and my heart feels in a million pieces because he's going home today.

and here is the best song for the week. oh, it's the one called animals. i have loved this song all along and i just found out roger plays guitar on it!