Thursday, April 30, 2009

secret and plan


today we got a note under the door about a new secret code. we are not to give this code to anyone in the 1250 building: "please do not divulge this new password to anyone in the 1250 building." now i want to give it to everyone in the 1250 building. i probably want to because i'm not supposed to.


"ian joins ruth and me at the pub though he isn't drinking. a scottish guy in a pub not drinking is weird. i ask him what's wrong with him. he says he can't, when he does he gets smashed then uses all his methadone instead of rationing it like he's supposed to. when he says so he looks kind of spiritual, like a hermit in the desert where there is fake water everywhere but none to drink."

--the meat and spirit plan, s. saterstrom