Sunday, March 29, 2009

it'll all work out

agent cooper is the kind of man.

a man comes, humming. a man comes, humming his chess moves. he has games from his history. there is something classic. he might use half of the time and end up with twelve. people will die.

windham earl comes. other chess board. some privileges.

check please, says everyone seeing the tournament.

my pattern is something like that. all of our bodies keep having it.

i had disappeared. i was told about the owl. they told me to sing something beautiful at a picnic. i'll have these shoulder pads. i'll have them while no one knows me. we'll have our cemetery pieces, our suggestions. technically. ed is serious. ed is having a big deal.

"she'll start to see reality again when her mind begins to feel safe."

"i think i've gone blind in my left eye."

"it's an inner thing, you know."

dale says it's a damn fine time to start.

i'll make everything feel like trees on your ceiling, dale. i'll make you take everything away.

"ecology is not a luxury science."

thank you. my gold curtains. my wool jacket. our clapping. our clapping. clapping.

the gains are our best part.

life exactly.