Sunday, October 18, 2009

a day

i saw where the wild things are. it was magical.

and then toured hammond's candy factory. except it was more like go in this room and watch candy being made rather than a tour.

there was this one machine that was the best machine. it tossed the candy about but too many people were standing in front of it, so here is a picture of some candy on a table.

and then i kept finding all of these animals in bags. this is a rabbit.

this is a new exhibit at the denver museum of outdoor art called cabinet of curiosities.

the moa also has a statue garden that tells the story of alice in wonderland

and at the end of the day there was a labyrinth. apparently it is one of only seven in the world and a replica  from a cathedral in france. there is a lot involved in walking the labyrinth. you have to breathe and think about something in your life. when you get to the center, you contemplate your journey and then turn back and walk out the way you came in. on the way out, you will have answers to the question you've been pondering. there was even a labyrinth keeper, but he didn't say anything. he just sat there not wathcing.