Wednesday, December 2, 2009

laura jensen

i found out recently that laura jensen has a blog (thank you, ts!).

she counted birds on thanksgiving.

here is a poem that i love by her:

the poorsoul

the poorsoul steps from its habitat of leaves,
and it must be singing a song. without the song
you would only walk away, chanting onlies
to only the wind, only little sighs by the water,
only your neighbor.
soon you will be leading every traveler
to the right saloon.
the poorsoul steps ffrom its habitat of leaves,
and there must be snow. without the snow
you would say, "there, i thought it was
something living, and it has no shoes."
there must be summer, when the nights in gloves
wrap days around the feet of the poorsoul.
there must be a song, and snow in summer.
we would never stand there long in the cold.