Sunday, April 11, 2010


from awp. it was my first awp. it was bright and overwhelming. but i saw some incredible readings and found all of these beautiful books. now it's over. i'm on my couch drinking water. i wish i could do this for three days.
what the end was like.
two of my most favorite people in the universe.
 more favorites
another. i read with roxi and danielle on wednesday for sidebrow. it was so fun. we mixed all of our things together.
andrea likes to make things at the dq booth. last year she was making felt animals and this year she was making a mitten. maybe mittens.
i was walking with some things.
i was part of a reading at the mca. c.d. wright and forrest gander read for lost roads to celebrate reissuing frank stanford''s conditions uncertain and likely to pass away. i read with many perfect horse less people, including: Cynthia Arrieu-King, Sommer Browning, Julia Cohen, Bruce Covey, Nate Slawson, Eric Baus, Andrea Rexilius, Shawn Huelle, Sarah Bartlett, Joseph Wood, Jen Tynes, and Susan Scarlata.
 friday there was a reading to celebrate boulevard's 25th anniversary. kevin let me read with him. and d.a. powell and martha collins. it took away all my breath.
 we read at this great space. ts and i wanted to photograph this wooden animal a lot.
all of the pictures i took of us here turned out dark.
on saturday i went to a panel about ghosts that starred kate greenstreet, selah saterstrom, cole swensen and others.
 that night i went to a reading that had these people as audience members. i have some videos from this reading that i want to upload.
this animal was available for photos on the last day.