Monday, June 21, 2010


i just now this very minute finished rb's last book--the last published book, an unfortunate woman:

that's how it ends, basically with "but i did try."

it's time to move on to the other things now. i don't want to. i already miss the daylights out of him.

over the weekend, there was a poetry reading here and i got to read poems with one of my favorite poets, zs

on saturday i got to hear all of the beautiful icelandic tales by these most incredible storytellers, frank and jess. i wish i could have recorded them for you.

yesterday i went on this bike ride
  most of the people who ride in colorado wear these kinds of outfits
and then guess who came over!
yes! shena made radishes with butter and salt. it was so delicious.
ts and i spent some time making this magic tree and then we went dancing with dani on the roof of this building
when we got back the tree looked like so