Tuesday, August 24, 2010


these are some things you can have if you want them.

for jen's bday we went to a city called hot sulphur springs. i got into this: a sulphur hot spring. it was very hot and smelled like sulphur and then everything smelled like sulphur, even my hair so i didn't wash it and then it smelled like sulphur for many days. oh, and shakespeare did a small lecture near the pools and one from the tree.

  and then i made s'mores with a lighter and drank george dickel and saw some beautiful things
the other things that have happened:

i spent a week with d'count and he made a new best friend, wriggly
arda made the best meal and christine modeled it
did you see how there were beets?

i have been reading.

so many things.

about being alive.

it is important to observe that aristotle in no way defines what life is: he limits himslef to breaking it down, by isolating the nutritive function, in order then to rearticulate it in a series of distinct and correlated faculties or potentialities (nutrition, sensation, thought). here we see at work that principle of foundation which constitutes the strategic device par excellence of aristotle's thought. it consists in reformulating every question concerning "what something is" as a question concerning "through what something belongs to another thing."

the open, giorgio agamben