Friday, October 2, 2009

beets beetsbeets

last night, i made my favorite meal: a beet salad and lentil soup (recipes courtesy of jen). it was so delicious. sometimes i love beets so much i can't believe it. the only thing is, i can't figure out a good way to peel them. it takes me so long because the skins don't slide off, but rather tear and get stuck in small pieces everywhere so it's like trying to remove a sticker from something. i should look for ideas about that. the other picture i have here (the sideways one--because i can't figure out how to flip it) is from a book called wild california--the picture is by tupper ansel blake. it's of snow geese.

in ws this week, bin filled in for e and we talked a lot about the poems being workshopped, and very little about vicente huidobro's book, altazor, which is very beautiful and dreamy (heave skylarks like sighs and draw lambs like smiles, and such). b also showed us a book of anselm kiefer's work. oh yes, and there was some discussion about nostalgia being a disease of plants.