Monday, April 13, 2009

library books currently checked out:

Mind and religion : psychological and cognitive foundations of religiosity edited by Harvey Whiteh U186014278021 Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53 .M555 2005

Current studies on rituals : perspectives for the psychology of religion / Hans-G√ľnter Heimbrock & HU186007037820 Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53.C877 1990

The God gene : how faith is hardwired into our genes / Dean Hamer. 1 86007516052Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53 .H285 2004

Where God and science meet : how brain and evolutionary studies alter our understanding of religion U186015695250 Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53 .W511 2006 v.3

Magic and religion, their psychological nature, origin, and function. Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times BL53.V4

The ritual process : structure and anti-structure / Victor Turner. U186003566102 DUE 04-16-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times GN473.T82 1977

Dramas, fields, and metaphors; symbolic action in human society / Victor Turner.
U186000220529 DUE 04-16-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times GN451.T87

The anthropology of performance / Victor Turner ; preface by Richard Schechner.
U186012128173 DUE 04-16-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 3 times GN473 .T79 1986

Man in the landscape : a historic view of the esthetics of nature / Paul Shepard ; with a new foreword U186011846150 DUE 04-20-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 BH301.N3 S45 2002

Magic(al) realism / Maggie Ann Bowers. U186014057530 DUE 04-21-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 1 time NX456.5.M3 B68 2004

The spirit of carnival : magical realism and the grotesque / David K. Danow.
U186007310773 DUE 04-21-09 RENEWED Now due 06-22-09 Renewed 1 time PN3352.C37 D36 1995

The environmental imagination : Thoreau, nature writing, and the formation of American culture / Law U186007431511 DUE 04-29-09 PS3057.N3 B84 1995

The writings of John Muir.U186000627072 DUE 04-29-09 PS2447 .M5 1916 v.3

The Barnum Museum : stories / by Steven Millhauser.U186008246951 DUE 05-12-09 PS3563.I422 B37 1997

The colossal P.T. Barnum reader : nothing else like it in the universe / Phineas T. Barnum ; edited U186015231307 DUE 05-12-09 GV1811.B3 B37 2005

Living pictures, missing persons : mannequins, museums, and modernity / Mark B. Sandberg. U186011884996 DUE 05-12-09 GV1836 .S36 2003

Waxworks : a cultural obsession / Michelle E. Bloom. U186012587880 DUE 5-12-09 GV1836 .B56 2003

Nightwood. Introduction by T. S. Eliot. U186005190135 DUE 05-12-09 PS3503.A614 N53 1937

The life of Barnum, the world-renowned showman ... written by himself; to which is added The art of U186001019963 DUE 05-12-09 GV1811.B3 A25

The fabulous showman. U186003816418 DUE 05-12-09 GV1811.B3 W3 1959

The ontological turn: studies in the philosophy of Gustav Bergmann / M. S. Gram, E. D. Klemke. U186014544040 DUE 06-09-09 B945.B474 G72

Saussure : signs, system, and arbitrariness / David Holdcroft. U186006445915 DUE 06-09-09 P85.S18 H6 1991

The Cambridge companion to Saussure / edited by Carol Sanders. U186014514029 DUE 06-09-09 P85.S18 C33 2004

Logic and reality. U186014544155 DUE 06-09-09 B945.B473 L6

Meaning and existence. U186003937028 DUE 06-09-09 B824.6.B398 c.2

Las Meninas : a fantasia in two parts / Antonio Buero-Vallejo ; translated by Marion Peter Holt.

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