Sunday, February 21, 2010

hotel splendid

"adel called me ada. and then she died. my sisters died of the same illness. i prepared adel's body. i also covered her face with a lace veil that belonged to grandmother. i laid ada next to adel. i no longer have any sisters. i only have the splendid."

it has been snowing. a lot of snow has come. i think i must love, more than anyone else (except beckett), marie redonnet. i just finished hotel splendid, the first of the trilogy. it's about the hotel splendid. and about the swamp. i love unmysterious syntax.

i'm also reading a book that says this:

"what we see and hear, or what we feel and smell and taste, is only a small fraction of what actually exists out there. our conscious model of reality is a low-dimensional projection of the inconceivably richer physical reality surrounding and sustaining us. our sensory organs are limited: they evolved for reasons of survival, not for depicting the enormous wealth and richness of reality in all its unfathomable depth. therefore, the ongoing process of conscious experience is not so much an image of reality as a tunnel through reality."

--the ego tunnel, thomas metzinger

the first chapter is called, the appearance of a world, which feels like my life. i like to think so much about the world showing up as the world. and what that means. i like most to think about approximation. and how everything, at its best, is only ever this.

the only other things i've been doing are carrying around a paper crane and listening to iris dement.

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Dennie said...

I knew that. Always had tunnel vision, didn't realize that anyone else noticed. I wonder why its not nostral vision.