Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bye, bye, pont. bye, bye, happiness.

this is from the summer.

i can't stop listening to this song

it's pont's last night here. i am very torn up because of it. we had sad hour at vine street. 

i had to write up a summary for laird about brian evenson (i hope everyone is reading fugue state)'s visit. it went like so:

The workshop Friday started with making a character sketch. We were then asked to translate the character to one sentence and talk about what we're looking for in a character and why. Brian then passed out a collection of quotes that discussed how some writers/theorists have thought about character. We talked more about character: What things can you get rid of? Is there anything essential for a character's existence? We also listed our favorite characters and discussed them.

my fav. quote from the day: "when you ask a waiter how he's doing, the last thing you want to know is how he's doing."


We talked about narrative: What do you need in order to have a story (The Dinosaur: When he awoke it was still there. --is this a story?). Brian handed out some things from the Far Side, and we discussed in detail what was happening in each narrative. We also presented our first sentences and discussed the possibilities of where the sentences could go, and our expectations of where they were going.

fav. quote (or quote-type phrase): Fiction is not something that exists outside of life--it can change us, have an impact on us.

they were great workshops.

here is a diagram of a back device (i wish i knew who made it): 

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