Tuesday, June 2, 2009

some new things

i just got done putting a picture of birds (a lot of starlings) on a telephone wire into a frame that is silver.

and i finished my first year here.

and i went to see neko case.

and i was going to see leonard cohen, but the rain kept him away.

now, it's summer. z.schomburg's chapbook, the pond, came with a black and white kodak of a small girl with her arms by a window. the picture also has two women with watches in chairs looking out the same window. it's from july, 1958.

yesterday at a mall, some children were being mannequins in a shop window. when i passed, they forgot to be mannequins and smiled at me with their eyes going in a different direction.

now m is playing the new clem snide and i am watching the rain.

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