Tuesday, June 9, 2009

goldie hawn

since mg is visiting, goldie hawn and kate hudson are here as well. they spend most of their time on the couch, however, goldie sleeps underneath mg's pillow in nighttime. with them here, i can't get anything done, what's more, we talk so much about them being here that that's all i think about now. mg will say, who's that? and i will say, it's stinks (what we call goldie because apparently she has a foot odor problem, or so mg tells me). when we leave the house, we have to prepare them for our departure. he sits them up right in the seat i usually sit in. when we're gone, he asks what they're doing, to which the response is varied, but usually, stinking up the house. this morning, we had a photo shoot.

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Morry said...

you left the house and suddenly I was in stirring the chili and Goldie took my seat. No shit! she was literally in my chair when I returned, luckily I saw her before sitting down thanks for having heard the Dixie Chicks.

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