Sunday, May 13, 2012

when we were at lunch today these two people came in and had a conversation. some of it went like this:

--what made you sit outside that place?
--you, maybe, i've been praying to meet someone.

--when i came to denver i started doing heroin and coke. 
--what's heroin like? i've never done it.
--you take your soul out and watch it for a minute and you put it back in.
--you can't take your soul out.

--really, you're an alcoholic?
--i am too to be honest with you.

--you've got to get over that whole dead thing.
--i've overdosed six times in my life.

--when later comes i'm sick from what i've done to my body.

--13 years old-he drank a bottle of whiskey and took 13 percocets and died two days ago. when she tried to wake him up he was dead. the whole town thinks that she killed him. i got this news yesterday. 

for my bday, we went bowling and then played jenga and skee ball and video games at the arcade bar.

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