Monday, May 7, 2012

tonight i have been making vegetable soup and reading brian foley's going attractions:

i thought
i had traveled far
but concussion depends on
how tall the grass is

over the weekend this incredible thing happened. j had to go to the planetarium for the sound artists so i went too. i watched the sound artist movie okay but then there was a sound cave we had to go into with blindfolds and i became afraid. mostly because of my experience in delores park with the vibrational alchemist. i left the planetarium and walked through the museum which was empty and closed. i evaded all of the security men. i went into the diorama hall and stood by the animals. no one was there and it was quiet.

i wanted to stay the night but i thought i might get nervous in the dark and be locked in so i left. guess what was outside of the animals. a prom. i stood in front of the prom. there were many people in prom outfits.

after the prom i filmed a sound that was out in a grove of trees. i couldn't see what was making it but it was a loud and beautiful sound. then j came out and felt crazy from being in the sound cave. he said it was like being in a machine for 45 minutes. the next day we went to the park to meet julia's parents who were in town. many people came to the park.

after the park, s, a & i went to play shuffle board (that is my toss below--sometimes i can be good at shuffle board) and skee ball and then j had to grade but i was trying to ask him interview questions instead.

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