Monday, May 28, 2012

jesse, karla and i went to see van halen with dlr (who told a story about his animals and kept getting mad because someone wasn't mopping the floor enough. he had to have a special dance floor). kool & the gang opened. it was pretty amazing.

then j and i stayed in a cabin by these animals for his bday. we had cake and ate beets and kale and went in a hot tub that overlooked a beautiful colorado valley and watched the movie hugo and slept a lot and looked at the sky and went on a hike and learned our fortunes from dimes and i became sick and coughed all night one night so we slept very little. i am sick still and haven't left bed in a very long time. in bed, i have been reading the letters of clare of assisi and learning what it was like to a franciscan holy woman.

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