Monday, April 16, 2012

my gosh. i haven't been talking to you for some time. at this witch store in kansas city i purchased some holy water and the man told me to pick a stone. i picked this one stone. he said it was for communication and my throat chakra, so now i will communicate with you.

i just got back from spending 4 days where i grew up. i drove by my old house, which last time i went by had bullet holes in the windows, but now looks very well-manicured and even has a swing set in the back yard. i went to a beautiful continental breakfast where pancakes come from this machine. like a conveyor belt machine. they were flat. i only wanted one but instead the machine provided four. at karaoke j and i sang the song from the movie six pack: love will turn you around by kenny rogers. i read poems at my old college. my friend rhiannon had a baby named emerson. i watched the royals home opener. j was excited to go to steak and shake. we had a nutter butter shake for breakfast one day. i saw a lot of windmills on the drive home. and there were tornadoes all around. we stayed in colby, kansas so we could be inside when the tornadoes came.

i don't have a camera anymore. that's why i don't think i've been coming here very much. i would rather show you pictures of all these things than tell you about them.

there is something that is so important to tell you about: it's this! madcowboyjen made this cool thing! when i went to copy and paste that link, it pasted breathing lessons. i wonder why.

i'm behind on everything. i better try getting some of it done now.

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