Saturday, March 24, 2012

last night i ran into the woman (randi) who owns the singing telegram business. she was giving a performance on the porch of this restaurant. after she was done, i said come sit at the piano and sing with me. after we were singing for awhile i asked her if i could have a job delivering singing telegrams. she said yes. and then she wrote down in her book my name and phone number and next to my name she wrote "ready to sing"! that would be my favorite job.

one thing that happened this week is i lost my camera. i think i'll have to get another one. you know what's weird is that inside the camera bag was the card for the singing telegram company. oh well. here is what it looks like when you do a singing telegram:
i got the new rb biography in the mail yesterday. i'm so excited to read it. it's has 812 pages. it also has the address of his house in bolinas, which i've been searching for for a long time. i need to tell pont it's time for a road trip to bo. the first sentence says, "richard brautigan never heard his final gunshot."

here is a photograph of song lyrics that kathy wrote on this piece of paper in 1939. she has carried it in her bag for 73 years:

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