Wednesday, February 29, 2012

these are lucky times for eyes!
 jess's book is ready for you!

it is so ready for you that you won't be able to sleep anymore unless you go now and secure one. you will love it.

the quarter ended. now awp. and then another quarter.

something beautiful arrived in the mail:

it's the silver dollar city times! have you been? have you been able to go on the fire in the hole? it's the best ride in america. you can watch a video about it on youtube. on the ride you almost hit a train.

i've been working on my dissertation. here is the first paragraph of the preface and the first poem. i'm defending april 6th. i don't know how that makes me feel.

A lot of what went into this manuscript has as its central concern neuroscience.  My interest in perceptions of reality and what can be obtained from a negotiation of those perceptions leads itself easily into research of the brain: What information is available to us though the technological investigation of brain and what can be determined from research regarding how consciousness is discussed physiologically. Much of the current research in the neuroscience community is occupied with the placement and location of consciousness and self. My own research within these considerations will speak to the nature of self, place and imagination and how the correspondence between these given fields of activity allow us to make decisions about what we understand as the world and ultimately how we determine it. 

the preface just feels like words.

I come back to the world thinking of places. And of someone’s body. And of wind. I come through each thing. I press it against myself until I’m no longer certain of what it is. The more time there is, the more the thing becomes a mystery to me. In a prepared room I sleep next to a table and hold my breath for as long as I can before getting up. I get up. A lot of things don’t work. I discover most of them. Everyone I think of is alive somewhere.

the poems just feel like words too.

maybe they feel like this:

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