Tuesday, November 15, 2011

julia has a new chap out with brandon shimoda

dara wier's "a civilian's journal of the war years" is out from the song cave. she read from it in new orleans.
i have an early copy of "the black mariah" by mcj, coming soon from doublecross press
when j was here we went to boulder and spent a little time at innisfree: the poetry bookstore. i bought bhanu kapil's new book, schizophrene, larissa szporluk's dark sky question, which is from 1998 but i'm reading now instead and it is tremendous: "part of the sky is all of the sky. / the rest is wasted", and carrie fountain's "burn lake", which i bought because i fell deeply in love with the first sentence: "when i think of everything i've wanted / i feel sick."

in other news and in a great cowboy moment, i rode on this:
my thighs have been sore for two days. we also went to the castle. it was snowing:

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