Thursday, September 1, 2011


it's september now.

how have you been?

here is something at necessary fiction, which jess is in charge of this month (so go often!).

and here is something at the sonora review.

jules, mathias and i have some poems about country western music stars in the new poor claudia.

it's a great issue.

one part of one of ours goes:

george jones always wears a george jones shaped mask. he washes mirrors with soap. he's not different. sometimes at night he puts the animals in his neck. he wants to see them there. and then he closes their eyelids one by one until they are swimming.

and another poem you may want to read in the journal is by dorthea lasky. here is some of it:

i smelled the roses first
whatever it was, i didn't care anymore
i went home
but there was nothing like that
there is the taking your hair down
in a group of roses
and the little flags the angels adorn
but what legs
and back did you scream into

the rest of it is perfect. you should get the journal now. i have a feeling you will love it.

oh, i want to tell you something. i ate at denny's.

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