Wednesday, August 3, 2011

have you seen the new issue of bookslut?

there is an interview with the magical andrea rexilius


there is an interview with two other beautiful fabulators: brandi homan and becca klaver

today i have been reading ordinary sun by matthew henriksen, also with an interview at bookslut

one thing it says is:

we got out of the car.
we set our bodies in the grass.
stones held our breath.

this phone number keeps calling me: 866-301-7344. i'm sure it has to do with money. i feel like anytime a number like that calls it's always about money. unless it's for sandra. i get a lot of calls for sandra ramirez. she's never here. i don't know where she is. i looked her up on the computer. she's a beautiful woman in a bra.

i think i'll watch miller's crossing now.

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