Friday, June 3, 2011

two things

how do you feel about hydration? i feel pretty good about it. these last two months it's all i can think about. some of the things i find hydrating are: raisins, electrolyte water, bananas and coconut water (for a long time i would get these severe headaches that would begin in my shoulder and move to my head--i would get sick and have to go to sleep. but. guess what i found out--coconut water makes them go away--i think they are a result of dehydration). now i just keep hydrating all the time. it's basically all i do now.

and the new hlr is out:

here is an example, from rhiannon dickerson, of everything beautiful inside it:

Map of Antarctica

In the world of places, I am a thing. Some days I dress up like myself and talk to hear how I sound.
I narrate my movements to the places I go. I’m in the bathtub being a whale, I say to the bathroom.
I sound official. When things get too real, I pull out a map and memorize place names. I hang the
map on the wall and step into it. I become Antarctica. It is cold there.

the other beautiful people are:

Brian Foley, Chris Hosea, Catherine Meng, Rhiannon Dickerson, Anne Shaw, Carrie Olivia Adams, Kerry Webster, Tony Mancus, TaraShea Nesbit, Adam Reich, Kevin McLellan, Mark DeCarteret, Travis Cebula, Elizabeth Robinson, Megan Burns, Thomas Trudgeon, Erik Anderson, Jennifer H. Fortin and Nate Pritts, Brooklyn Copeland, Maria Getto, Linda Dove, Carrie Bennett, Michael Flatt, James Yeary, Nicole Wilson, and Shawn Huelle. Cover art by Michael Sikkema.

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