Monday, April 18, 2011

restaurants and poems:

there are four restaurants in portland i've fallen madly in love with:

1. (this is my favorite restaurant) screen door: their vegetables include: lacinato kale & roasted red pepper casserole w/ leeks, parmesan & herbed ricotta cheeses, topped w/ walla walla onion cream sauce and butternut squash bread pudding w/ caramelized onion & fontina cheese topped w/ leek cream.

2. delta: best collard greens i've ever had.

3. pine state biscuits: second best collard greens

4. the farm: i had the roasted beet salad with beet wedges and toasted pecans tossed with baby greens, walnut oil vinaigrette and garnished with goat cheese and chives.


emily kendal frey: the grief performance: i am not / as beautiful as that / terrarium

andrea rexilius: to be human is to be a conversation: here will i spell me out / the world / shucked from my own skin

james gendron: money poems: to clean the dirty water: more water. / our low, rough voices drift / over the shacks of millionaires.

pam rehm: small works:

forget me not

i walk from morning
into my ghost

a silent pulling
road to you

is it memory or

we are reduced to

beyond promise

of recognition

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