Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas in seattle

did i tell you i live with a heavy metal band now? they are called night shirt. they play loud screeching music for many hours at a time. sometimes they chant and sometimes they become banshees. everyone in seattle is a musician. when you meet them they begin, immediately, to play all of their music for you.

here is what it's like here for christmas
pont and i ate egg salad sandwiches, tomatoes and cold mashed potatoes for dinner. it was gross. our dining room table is a radiator box.
now i'm going to read mary ruefle's selected poems:

i realized i was becoming
impossible, more and more impossible,
and that one day it really would be true.

(from: how i became impossible)

if you were lonely
and you saw the earth
you'd think here is
the end of loneliness
and i have reached it by myself.

(from: the tenor of your yes)

i want to spend new year's eve here
"La Push above, 12 miles from Forks Washington is home to the Quileute Tribe. According to legend, the tribe was created from wolves by a supernatural transformer. The tribe's lineage stretches back thousands of years to the Ice Age, making them possibly the oldest inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest."

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