Wednesday, November 17, 2010

guess whose book is now available.


you should get it.

one thing it says is:

noon is lakewater exploding over the leaves of your face
noon's wooden saw splits its slender carcass in half
noon composed a sonata with cloudcover, a storm that brilliantly breaks the field

some things said about it:

“The poetics enacted in Triggermoon Triggermoon is rare in its exuberance and delicate humanity, its wistful acceptance of imperfection as the human condition, imperfection as a kind of pet we grow to love and depend upon. I have grown to love and depend upon this book.”—Bin Ramke Triggermoon Triggermoon

“Julia Cohen’s poems will knock you out with their fresh logics like some moon-governed dream... this collection is half in the world and half in the 'non-world' that 'occasionally rolls over you,' utterly grounded in the domestic and wildly transformative.”
—Elizabeth Willis

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