Tuesday, September 28, 2010

school, again.

bin told us he has a theory of columbo.

he also says:

"the poet has to be implicated in the poem"


"yeah, but you still have to trust them" (on peanuts in restaurants)

for workshop we're looking at:

the image of the city, kevin lynch
bird lovers, backyard, thalia field
let the words, yona wallach
for anatole's tomb, stephane mallarme

the swift class:

engravings by hogarth
essential writings of jonathan swift
the fable of the bees, bernard mandeville
i'm doing a presentation on an introduction to the classics by anthony blackwall and a dissertation on reading the classics by henry felton

a tutorial on beckett with brian:

more pricks than kicks
first love and other shorts
the unnameable


fugue state, brian evenson
the dollmaker's ghost, larry levis
in watermelon sugar, richard brautigan
autobiography of red, anne carson
madeline is sleeping, sarah shun-lien bynum

this is what my life will be like now.

mg came

i got wrecking crew in the mail. i've been trying to purchase it for some time but it was always too much.

now i have it.

here is a poem about running, which is my new favorite thing:

long distance runner

i never know how i'm doing; i just
run it, past
the stilled elm leaves.
once i saw my
shadow in water, and

glanced back, but i was gone.
only the ponds flashed blankly in the sunset,
stagnant with summer.
and so i run
into the mute acres of stones,

hurrying, deaf under the sky,
becoming so isolate
i could be scraped off on a fingernail--
but i slow into shouts,
into the arms that are holding me up.

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