Sunday, May 30, 2010

blood thinners

so yesterday we went to boulder to climb around on mt. sanitas. we stopped at this pharmacy in town for water, but i didn't need water so i was next to the register smelling these small squares of soap. a guy walks up to the counter and says--so, warfarin is a blood thinner, right? and the pharmacist says yeah. and the guys says--if i took enough of them i would die? and the pharmacist looks at him and the clerk looks at him and i'm looking at everybody because it was so tense, and finally the pharmacist says i guess so and the guy swallows the bottle of pills (at which point i left the store because i was thinking he probably didn't want to die alone and was going to kill everyone there). i went next door and saw him storm out, throw the cup of water on the ground and walk across the street.

here is the mountain
we walked up the steep side and now my left leg doesn't work anymore.

the way back was the best
i'll put more up later. i have to do some other things now.