Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sick, sick, tv-buying sick

i put the inexperience of dying on leaves under this tree. are leaves considered dead the moment they leave trees?

yesterday, i threw the inexperience of dying away. i've been wanting to bury it, but i haven't gotten to it yet.

i'm not going to the blanchot tutorial tonight because i'm sick. i've been sick for days. maybe the inexperience of dying is making me sick. i think i'll go on installing it.

and look what being sick made me do! i got a television. i'm so sick that all i want to do is watch tv! i can't believe it. but it doubles as a monitor so i can just use it for that. i guess at least i can watch democracy now. this woman was talking about the dangers of positivism. basically things like the secret and such that enforce how you can have anything you want just by thinking about it. i think she was mostly refering to the corporate take on this idea.

look what came. it's brian evenson's fugue state. this is the story about the woman who slept with the mime. i'm going to read it now. and then sleep. maybe i can get m to read it.

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