Friday, September 18, 2009

wearing blanchot

all of these things are happening to my head. today, i am wearing blanchot like a flower in my hair. i don't know if i should wear him in the same place everyday. the purpose is to walk this text through the context of my life. i thought i could monitor this process by evaluating how wearing blanchot makes me feel. so far, i feel regular. i guess there is a heightened sense of presence. when i feel blanchot on my head, i remember that it is now (as the play we saw last night (which had one of the greatest sets ever: thousands of jars filled with pencils, men, wood, string, animals, letters, houses, curtains, and dirt) so often insisted) and i am here, wearing blanchot. i don't think about what it says so much,--instead, i think about what wearing it means. what does it mean to wear text like flowers in your hair? also, i finally got a bicycle helmet. m and i were talking about painting the bicycle to match the helmet.

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