Sunday, September 27, 2009

we have taken to clapping our bellies on sunday mornings

here are some photographs from inside of the robot machine that pontiac gave me some time ago. and also here is a good story, courtesy of richard. at the end of the story, there are comments, and one of the comments says this:

No matter how cute and whimsical this construction might be, the suggestion of being Art is surely overstated. The sad thing is that it probably should have been subject to Planning Consent, especially on an allotment. At three quarter size, the buildings could conceivably be habitable. What if we all indulged our obsessions to put up an edifice on our allotments or even our gardens (over and above what may be allowed under Permitted Development) in the name of 'Art'. Not impressed by his lack of scaffolding either, HSE would have something to say, and maybe there's even a CDM implication for such a project, especially as the builder wishes it to be a visitor attraction.
Phil Sears, Dorking UK

and richard responded by saything this:

To Phil Sears of Dorking: the type of joyless bureaucracy showcased in your comment is making the world a greyer place. This man’s art transcends the one brute fact of all our lives: loss. Rather than applaud, you’re talking about scaffolding permits.

if you're still interested, you can turn to this.

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