Saturday, April 25, 2009

saturday after saturday

today i went to thrift stores with m and bought something gold. i didn't feel very good. on the radio, a man said about his mother, she had a casual relationship with reality. man. in the mail i got more birthday money. i like that i'm old now and i still get birthday money.

here are some quotes from renee gladman. she worked as a sound engineer. i love her:

"but my sister said looking had nothing to do with the sky."

"i knew it was me by the way my head felt."

"every day what i've learned about the world recedes a bit--i can only guess what we were."

"one day i outgrew everything there was to see."

and i got a postcard from indianapolis, but it's a picture from vermont, "of the capital building built in 1859 in vermont's third state house. the gold-leaf dome is adorned by ceres, the roman goddess of agriculture."

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