Friday, April 10, 2009

bones checked into us more often than out

for reality, i put trees everywhere.

i give everyone colanders of birds when i see them. they are regular sizes. the phone rings then. someone is in chinese. he shows me egg cartons full of cloth eggs. i say it must be easter. he says find the eggs. i say they're here. he gives me directions to more eggs. i find more eggs while there is sunlight.

equipped with better people the eggs are like talking to everything else. i try to collect them from the better people. they charge dues, collection fees. inside of each egg is a colander of birds. these must be the people i know from before. they must be everyone, all together, thinking that the eggs are bartering pieces. someone brings in a roulette table full of rabbits. i put all of my eggs on number eleven. once there is this place, i think, there is the place like we left it. with rooms of rabbits.

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