Friday, March 27, 2009


my mouth tastes like tea. lipton tea. for two days, my mouth has tasted like lipton tea, or more like how a mouth tastes after it has lipton tea. i don't drink tea. i used to drink hot tea, and sometimes i would drink cold tea, but for the most part, i don't like or drink tea regularly.

the fact that my mouth tastes like tea makes me think my body has too much of something. too much of whatever it is that tea has in it. i feel like my body has too much of that, and too much of other things. i've had a cold place in my chest for four days. sometimes it feels so cold in my chest that i know i'm dying. the cold leaves after it comes, but i still know about it. i remember it, and when i feel it again i remember how scary it was feeling it before.

so i think i must be dying. someone tonight said they couldn't talk about the brain, and i don't think i can either. it must house dying. all the time it makes me worry. all the time i'm trying to forget it.

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Maggie said...

Hmm, interesting, but tea and cold can also mean summer, or lying on your back with a glass of tea resting on your chest, or that your imagination is a wide and beautiful experience which introduces you to sensations in order to cultivate and fertalize its own field of existence.

You are Jen and I am Maggie. Fear puts its cold and clammy hands on us when our minds imagine us going to far. You've yet to go far enough--there is much to do!